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CoverSlovenian_Ujvidek5481_small.jpg (3963 bytes)


en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NOVA / BAGO.
A more compact format has been adopted throughout.
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Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.

We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Prices do not include postage or insurance unless noted.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@lotsofcovers.com

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See also Michigan postcards (A--C locations),
Michigan postcards (D--H locations), Michigan (I--J locations),
Michigan (K--Q locations) & Michigan postcards (R--Z locations).

"UNITED STATES HEATER CO. / DETROIT / 113 Randolph Street / MICH." unused preaddressed circa-1891-3 postal card with good edges, very light toning. This company sold boilers & radiators during the period 1891 - 1917 (at least) and was also referred to as United States Radiator Corporation. Their home home office & works was on Campbell Avenue, so this addressing is not often seen.  $2.75 m(d)i-m

Cover_Advertising_1896Michigan.jpg (171221 bytes)JUL 1 1896 DETROIT WHITE LEAD WORKS / INCORPORATED / DEC. 22d / 1880 within large attention-getting red seal on #6 cover also boldly printed with their address on Woodward Avenue in Detroit Michigan, light but complete Brighton Michigan handstamp just ties damaged 2-cent Washington which the sender applied, a little bleeding of the red color in a short line from the seal (raindrop?), rusty pen-marked X at right edge probably indicating sender answered it, 2 different Detroit backstamps, neatly opened. $4.75 am

Better_002small.jpg Michigan covers available from LotsOfCovers.com

"Cave Of The Winds, Niagara Falls" monochromatic yellow-green view on post card mailed JUL 4 1905 (exceptional strike Detroit and Algonac / RURAL FREE DELIVERY / SERVICE / S / STEAMBOAT) received by Mrs. Frances Douglas in Oswego New York the next day. $25.00 n(n)w-rm

Better_004small.jpg Michigan covers available from Judnick.com"Iroquois Hotel / Buffalo, N. Y. / 109" postcard mailed JUL 4 1905 (mostly clear DETROIT AND ALGONAC / RURAL FREE DELIVERY / SERVICE / S / STEAMBOAT cancel) received by Mrs. Frances Douglas in Oswego New York the next day. $15.00 n(b)-rm

Uncaptioned undivided-back sepia-tone real photo postcard with good focus & contrast, showing a farmer couple seated in a field, sharing a watermelon; mailed DEC 7 1905 from East Cohocatah (DPO, La Posta Rarity 4) to Leon Fay in Pecan Mississippi, front message mentions 'Mrs. Trowbridge is to be burried(sic) today' [Mr. Trowbridge was the Supervisor of Cohoctah Township], slight curl to the paper, oxidation consistent with age, back paper browning evenly. $20.00

"Gafle River. Sweden." as it winds through a settled area, color on undivided back postcard from Axel Eliassons (No. 3937), yellowish paper on back, mailed APR 18 1907 at Clarksville Michigan (light Belding Michigan receiving mark the next day, RFD address), couple tiny spots of toning in sky, minor corner & edge wear. $8.00 s-m

Michigan_Lakeview_RFDCarriers_small.jpg (3796 bytes)"Post Office Force, Lakeview, Mich." showing & naming the Postmaster, clerks, messengers & RFD carriers by route, postcard mailed there 1907 (straight-line cancel), minor corner wear & rounding. $40.00 (mpph-mr)

Cover_Michigan_Yorkville1907Doane-200_small.JPG Michigan cover available from LotsOfCovers.com"BURNS' COTTAGE." with a horse-drawn vehicle beside it, and tracks in the right foreground, color postcard from the Elginton Series, mailed JU 20 07 at AYR Scotland to Gull Lake Michigan, clear & complete JUL 2 1907 YORKVILLE MICH (DPO) Doane transit mark with 3 in the killer bars, creases at the top corners, edge wear elsewhere is minor. $5.00 s-mm(d)

Scotland_Edinburgh_BanquetingHall-200_small.JPG Michigan cover available from Judnick.com"Banqueting Hall, Edinburgh Castle. 1151" lined with many suits of armor & medieval weapons, color postcard from Alex. A. Inglis, mailed at Dinburgh JU 26 07 (clear handstamp) to Gull Lake Michigan (clear Yorkville Doane DPO transit mark JUL 6 1907 overlaps the stamp), bottom corner creased, mild corner wear. $5.00 si-mm(d)s

Cover_Michigan_JUL2-08-200_small.JPG"No. 382  THE HARBOR FRONT, HARBOR SPRINGS, MICH." black & white postcard published by Alton G. Cook, mailed JUL 2 1908 at Bay View (fairly clear DPO hand cancel), light toning both sides from album contact, small green mark on the back from the printing process. $7.50 m(h)-m

Cover_Advertising_1910GrandRapids_small.jpg (3273 bytes) Michigan cover available from Judnick.comOCT 26 1910 GRAND RAPIDS PAPER BOX CO., Grand Rapids Michigan, #6 cover to West Virginia (2-cent Washington stamp), large cachet showing their building with streetcars & autos nearby, neatly addressed & opened, a little cancel ink in address area. Sold but front still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 am

Michigan_Jackson_PostOffice-100.jpg (285808 bytes)"Post Office, Officials and Employees, Jackson, Mich." postcard shows corner view with numerous people, several horse-drawn sleighs, etc.; color from Drake Brothers, unused, lightly toned back, soft corners. Circa 1910. $25.00 mph-m

Cover_Advertising_LosNovios1911_small.JPG (4756 bytes)JUL 26 1911 "'LOS NOVIOS' / FURNITURE STORE / AGENTS / GUNN DESKS / Bookcases / …RAFAEL MARGARIDA / BOX 857 / SAN JUAN, P. R." with large black & red image on #6 cover, the Grand Rapids Michigan address of the company is lined out by overprinting, clear San Juan cancel ties 2-cent Washington, Parkersburg West Virginia flag backstamp on arrival, neatly opened & gorgeous. Interesting use of company stationery by an agent located elsewhere. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 apm

"I have your invitation, and / would fly to you full soon / But my air-ship's out of business / In the dry-dock of the moon, / And for this, and other reasons / Each of which my spirit frets / I'm denied the pleasure offered, / And am forced to send regrets" copyrighted G. K. Prince (Buffalo NY) embossed postcard mailed JAN 10 1912 from Pine Grove Mills Michigan (light DPO cancel ties stamp) by Bernice Gilbert to Mrs. Will Burchett in Plainwell Michigan. Message fits the poem, the sender sending regrets due to illness. $3.75 p-m

Cover_Advertising_1912Gunn-200_small.jpg Michigan covers available from LotsOfCovers.comFEB 19 1912 "GUNN DESKS / AND / Bookcases / THE Gunn Furniture Co. / Grand Rapids Mich." with large black images of furniture & some red printing on #6 cover, clear Grand Rapids cancel ties 2-cent Washington, clear & complete Parkersburg West Virginia flag backstamp on arrival, backflap torn & creased in opening, brownish paper. $20.00 am

Cover_Advertising_AlexanderDodds1912_Michigan_small.jpg (3585 bytes)MAR 3 1912 ALEXANDER DODDS CO. / MANUFACTURER OF / SPECIAL / WOOD WORKING / MACHINERY / 181-183 CANAL STREET / GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN in large decorative corner card picturing one of their machines, cancel ties 2-c Washington to neatly opened #6 cover to West Virginia, Parkersburg flag on back, front toned mostly at left and bottom due to long contact with another cover. $12.00 am

Cover_Advertising_March14'12Michigan.jpg (295416 bytes)MAR 14 1912 clear Grand Rapids cancel on 2-c Washington franking #6 cover with illustrated advertising for "BALDWIN, TUTHILL & BOLTON / SAW AND KNIFE FITTING / MACHINERY // GRIND YOUR BAND WHEELS WHEN THEY NEED IT. / MOTOR AND BELT DRIVE GRINDER." Neatly opened, illegible backstamp, toning along one back edge. $12.50 am

Cover_Advertising_MichiganMarch1913.JPG (146023 bytes)MAR 8 1913 clear Grand Rapids Michigan cancel on 2-c Washington #6 postal stationery with all-over back depiction of Nichols & Cox Lumber Company mill & distributing yards at Grand Rapids (in black & white), backstamped on arrival with Parkersburg West Virginia flag, neatly opened, slight browning of the paper with age. $10.00 am

Better_003small.jpg Michigan RFD covers available from Judnick.com"Cedar Mount, Waterfall and Canoes, Belle Isle, Detroit, Mich. / 1330" postcard mailed 1913 (mostly clear DETROIT AND ALGONAC / RURAL FREE DELIVER/ SERVICE / S / STEAMBOAT cancel) to Newark Ohio, upper corners creased, bottom corner creased twice. $15.00 m(b)s(p)-rm

Michigan_HarborSprings_1931DPO-200_small.JPG"HARBOR SPRINGS, / MICHIGAN" showing a Harbor Springs-Petoskey conveyance with driver standing beside it in approximately 5 feet of snow both sides, sepia-tone real photo post card, mailed AUG 13 1931. Focus is so sharp you can read the entire license plate. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 m(h)w-m

SEP 18 1936 Flint Michigan metered #10 cover from Chevrolet Motor Company to a tool & die company in Detroit, with the Chevrolet / GM logo in blue in the corner card, opened neatly. $2.00


MAR 27 1937 Detroit Michigan cancel on 2-c Washington stamp franking cover from Chevrolet--Gear and Axle, small Chevrolet / GM logo in blue in the corner card area, opened neatly. $1.50

MACKINAC CITY & RICHMOND N. D. Clear strike of JUN 22 1944 MACK. CY. & RICH. N. D. TR506 R.P.O. RMS hand cancel ties 3-c telegraph centenary stamp franking #6 business cover from Kunze Leather Goods Store in Cadillac Michigan (bonded luggage logo at lower left) to The Ellsworth-Haffner Company in Orrville Ohio, neatly addressed, neatly opened, lower right front corner creased twice, a little envelope glue show-through on back. $4.75 rm

"W8YCE" Detroit Michigan QSL card with simulated wood background, mailed MAR 9 1948 by operator Robert Bazzy, interesting DEFICIENCY IN ADDRESS SUPPLIED BY   DETROIT, MICH violet auxiliary marking on the back because they corrected the state of the addressee. $2.50 m-m

APRIL 26 TRIP 2 1952 first trip highway post office cover Cadillac & Grand Rapids Michigan, violet cachet supplies simple map, addressed to Maryland. $2.00 hm

"Azalea garden at Lindum Ranch / on Skyline Boulevard, Portland / Ore..." well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed Mar 2 1959 from Azalia Michigan (2 hand cancels, one with small ink smear the other bold). $2.00 o-m

"Jackass penguins prome- / nade the sands of Falkland Islands" well-done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed JAN 10 1961 from White Pine Michigan, odd cancel omits year (which we know from recipient's docketing). $3.00 fb-m

DEC 3 1963 Okemos Michigan cancel boldly ties 1963 TB seal to postcard franked by 5-cent city mail delivery stamp with another type of cancel from there, small corner crease. $1.75 um

"'Black Steer Restaurant' / Yankton South Dakota" with art depicting the interior, well done home-made postcard mailed MAY 18 1965 from Mason Michigan (clear cancel publicizing their centennial that June). $2.00 s-m

"W8JXU" Hazel Park Michigan QSL postcard mailed in 1966 by Al Hoffman (founding member of the Institute of Amateur Radio), with his seal tied by the clear JUN 10 1966 Hazel Park cancel on back. Wonderful cartoon art on front shows dog in blackface listening without much understanding to sounds from a headset. Nice! $5.00 m-m

Cover_Naval_Voge1966Michigan.jpg (128121 bytes)
VOGE (DE-1047) commissioning, three-color cachet, 11 / 25 / 66. Built by Defoe Shipbuilding Company in Bay City Michigan, its first operations were off Guantanamo Bay. $4.50 (nm)

"Nepal, Himalayas" shows several men on a street from above, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post cards mailed AUG 3 1966 at Calumet Michigan (2 different cancels). $1.75 n-m

April 1968 American Philatelist: Post Office at Lunga, Gaudalcanal during World War II; US--Fort Winnebago, Michigan Territory--1828-1845; Canada--Royal Visit Stamps and Special Cancellations; & much more. $3.75 the complete journal. acms

Fancy & well-struck JUL 23 1983 Kalamazoo Michigan USCS Convention Station cancel (depicting the ship) on 20-c flag stamp franking unaddressed cacheted #6 cover honoring Stephen Decatur. Nice. $2.00 nm

Undated, unaddressed & unused #10 cover bearing the free frank of Paul H. Todd Jr., Member of Congress from Michigan. Not often seen this way! $2.50 u(f)m

Wanted to buy--covers from the RFD route of the Steamer Tashmoo. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars. *c

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Military base covers are often filed by state or country.
Some US Army Air Corps (Air Force predecessor)
items are filed under Aviation.
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See also Coast Guard covers, US military postcards
& Non-US Military postcards.


World War I. Regular-size postcard on brown paper, unused, good edges, where the address side is "Correspondance / des Armées de la République / Carte en Franchise" intended as a soldier's mail card for French troops in World War 1 active-duty operations  More French goes on instructing the soldier not to reveal his location, etc. $6.00 fm

9.IX.18 REGISTERED EXPRESS envelope from Launach to  Fritz Kreindl at the Kriegsministerium (cavalry captain at the Ministry of War), a pair of well-centered 40-Heller stamps noteworthy, two 10-heller & express & registration etiquettes all damaged by sender, minor corner wrinkling. $3.00 a

Cover_Florida_1932Military-100.jpg (360830 bytes)Clear SAINT PETERSBURG JUN 12 1932 machine cancel with AIR MAIL / SAVES TIME in the killer bars ties 5-c airmail beacon stamp to cacheted #6 envelope commemorating the Veterans of Foreign Wars state encampment there, sent to Ohio. colorful & attractive. Cover sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 fm

Cover_Florida_Armistice1932-100.jpg (431332 bytes)Mostly clear SAINT PETERSBURG NOV 11 1932 machine cancel with AIR MAIL / SAVES TIME in the killer bars ties 2-c Washington & horizontal pair of 3-c Olympic runner stamps franking #6 envelope to Ohio, stars and stripes blue & red border all around, red-violet cachet commemorating Armistice Day, evenly browning paper, some cover glue show-through on back. Attractive. Cover sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 fm

Cover_Naval_DickersonOct27-34-200_small.JPGClear USS DICKERSON OCT 27 1934 hand cancel with NAVY DAY / N. N. Y. / VA in killer bars ties 1-1/2-c Harding stamp franking #6 cover to New York, large blue NAVY DAY cachet is well struck, envelope glue just starting to show through the front. long bend in the upper left front corner may iron out. $3.75 nvm

Cover_Naval_BabbittOct10-35-100.jpg (285078 bytes)Destroyer USS BABBITT (DD-128) at US Naval Base Philadelphia OCT 10 1935, dark blue cachet for 50th anniversary of United States Naval Academy, yellowish stock, internal crease at right bottom misses everything. This was during her service with the Midshipmen's Coastal Cruise Detachment. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 nmm

Cover_Mississippi_Jackson1944-200_small.JPGClear AUG 5 1944 JACKSON cancel at lower left front corner of #10 envelope sent free by Lt. J. Margolskee at ASFTC there, amusing large cachet art depicts a disgruntled soldier with mop & bucket (cancel overlaps the bottom), neatly opened, envelope glue show-through on the back, small creases at the bottom corners will probably iron well. $3.50 mm

Texas_San_Marcos_Free_small.jpg (4592 bytes)

USAF, SAN MARCOS, TEXAS. V post card to Illinois, mailed 1945, receiving mark. $2.50

SEP 28 1945 Washington DC FDC for US Army 3¢ plate number block of four (#23325), Ioor cachet, never sealed, pencilled address removed almost completely & skillfully, couple small spots of toning below cachet. $12.00 u(f)m NEW / NOVA / BAGO

OCT 27 1945 Annapolis MD FDC for US Navy 3¢ plate number block of four (#23338), Ioor cachet, stiffener still within, never sealed. $15.00 u(f)m

NOV 10 1945 New York NY FDC for US Coast Guard plate number block of four (#23337), Ioor cache, pencilled address removed skillfully, never sealed. $16.00 u(f)mc NEW / NOVA / BAGO

FEB 26 1946 Washington DC FDC for 3¢ US Merchant Marine plate number block of four (#23399), Ioor cachet, stiffener still within, torn backflap, never sealed. $9.00 u(f)m

OCT 16 1946 Santa Fe N. Mex. FDC for 3¢ Kearny expedition plate number flock of four (#23512), Ioor cachet, pencilled address, never sealed, envelope glue show-through on back. $4.00 u(f)mn NEW / NOVA / BAGO

Cover_Naval_RochesterSep1964-100.jpg (317936 bytes)Light but complete SEP 16 1954 USS ROCHESTER hand cancel ties 3-c Navy stamp franking #6 cover to Ohio; well struck fancy red cachet shows ship & Capitol dome & 'The Nation's Pride / United States Navy', neatly addressed, slight cover glue show through on back. $2.50 nm

Light AUG 20 (1963) USS OBSERVATION POINT (EAG 154) cancel ties 5-cent Carolina Charter stamp franking # cover to California, large cachet in dark gray over most of the back depicts the ship & reads in part 'Mailed Upon the Occasion of a / POLARIS MISSILE FIRING'. $2.00 nm

25 AUG 1966 Atlanta 2A "NAVAL AIR RESERVE/ 50th ANNIVERSARY/ 1916 - 1966" lightly but legibly struck on postcard. $1.00 gm

15.3.71 AUSTRIAN COMMEMORATIVE CANCEL for the SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty) between the US & Russia, unaddressed #6 cover franked tied 30g Rathaus stamp. $1.25

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Cover_Naval_Hawkbill_1972-100.jpg (248438 bytes)HAWKBILL (SSN666). Clear US Navy AUG 18 1972 17002 BR. cancel with 'REMEMBER OUR / POW-MIA SACRIFICE / FOR FREEDOM in killer bars on 11-c airmail postal stationery, unaddressed. A lot of eye appeal. $2.50 nmu(p)

Cover_Naval_Tucumcari1972-200_small.JPG military cover available from Judnick.comClear 23 AUG 1972 machine cancel with REMEMBERING OUR / POW - MIA SACRIFICE / FOR FREEDOM slogan ties 11-c National Parks airmail stamp franking #6 cover to Ohio, large well-struck violet cachet for the Patrol Gunboat Hydrofoil TUCUMCARI (PGH-2), corner card of its Officer in Charge at FPO 09501. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 n(t)m

Cover_GibraltarUsedInWales_Ap1995.jpg (166125 bytes)10 AP 95 CARDIFF PAQUEBOT cancel on 18-p & 3-p Gibraltar cannon stamps franking #6 cover from M.V. Cableman to Ohio, never sealed, Columbus spray marking over stamps (not affecting cancel) on receipt. 8" howitzer of 1783 & 25-pounder gun-how of 1943 are the stamp subjects. $3.00 wgm

Wanted to buy--mail franked only by the words "Soldiers Mail". Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c


"WAR DATES 1911-1950" by Theo Van Dam, spiral bound, 80 pages plus errata sheet, organized by alphabetically by country--about 135 different countries & about 1,250 dates. Published 1993. Useful for detecting when your military covers are from historically important dates.  Pronounced curl of the pages at the top, but otherwise fresh. Getting hard to find. $12.00

"BEYOND WAR DATES 1911-1950" by Theo Van Dam, companion volume which expanded & corrected the previous work, spiral bound, 88 pages plus errata sheet, published 1994. Useful for detecting when your military covers are from historically important dates.   Pronounced curl of the pages at the top, thumbprint on one page, but otherwise fresh. Hard to find. $15.00

SPECIAL: Both of the above for $25.75 *

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Collection of more than 587 different Minnesota postmarks, on 587 postcards, most cancelled in the late 1950's and early 1960's, including many DPO's or offices which have since changed status. (All 587 are listed below. To save bandwidth, illustrations show stamp & cancel, but all are on complete postcards.)

The cancellation collector self-addressed postcards with images from all over the world and sent them under cover to the various postmasters to form this collection. He almost always used commemoratives, and those stamps which were rectangular were oriented vertically -- permitting the dial portion of the cancel to be easily read. He wrote vertically at the left edge of the message side so as to leave maximum room for cancels & auxiliary marks. Occasionally he would decorate the postcard with a seal, but not many got tied. While not all postmasters took special pains with their cancels, it is obvious that many did in response to the politeness of the request. (An example letter of request will be provided with the collection, in case you want to add to the collection yourself.) Almost always regular size postcards were used (avoiding the tendency of larger continentals to get bent). Our illustrations only show the stamp and cancel to conserve on bandwidth, but everything is on a full-size postcard mailed at the post office indicated. Some postcards got damaged in the mails, but most of them are quite presentable. Truly a labor of love that took hundreds of hours for which there is no charge.

We list them all--starting with 83 items of special interest (reasons in parens), then the others. All population figures quoted in parens are from the 1950 census; we note those that are 100 or less throughout the listing.

PRICE: $280.00 postpaid & fully insured to any USA or APO address. To order this collection, please click here. Just tell us where you want delivery. We will check availability & quote promptly.

List of special Minnesota cancels:

Allen (smallest PO in Minnesota according to Postmaster's note--population 21)

Alma City Rural Station of Janesville (DPO)

Averill (DPO--population 46)

Minnesota_Ball_Club_DPO.jpg (41416 bytes)
Ball Club Rural Station of Deer River (DPO--population 100)

Barnum (2 different on same card)

Beaulieu (DPO--population 100)

Belle Plaine (tied NWF butterfly seal)

Big Fork (DPO) Shown

Blakeley (DPO--population 98) Shown

Bongards (DPO) Shown

Burtrum (2 different on same card)

Calhoun Station of Minneapolis (DPO)

Camden Station of Minneapolis (DPO)

Minnesota_Eldred_DPO.jpg (33625 bytes)Denham (before it became a rural branch of Duluth--population 96)

Douglas (DPO)

Elba (DPO)

Eldred (DPO--population 44)

Elmer (DPO) Shown

Ericsburg (DPO) Shown

Fairhaven (DPO) Shown

Forest Center (DPO--population 100)

Gatzke (before it became a rural branch of Middle River --population 36)

Gemmell (DPO)

Genola Rural Station of Pierz (DPO--population 79)

Goodhue (with Postmaster's note about Bellechester)

Goodridge (2 different on same card)

Gowan (DPO) Shown

Graceton (DPO--population 38) Shown

Green Valley (DPO, 2 different on same card) Shown

Hammond (before it became a rural branch of Rochester)

Henriette (DPO--population 57)

Hitterdal (with Postmaster's auxiliary mark)

Inver Grove (DPO)

Kabetogama (DPO--population 28) Shown

Kimberly (DPO--population 35) Shown

Kingsdale (DPO--population 72) Shown

Lake Bronson (2 different on same card)

Lake Park (2 different on same card)

Lamoille (DPO--population 50) Shown

Larsmont (DPO) Shown

Lawler (DPO--population 75) Shown

Leader (before it became a rural branch of Motley--population 20)
Minnesota_Lime_Creek_DPO.jpg (29249 bytes)
Lime Creek (DPO--population 54)

Little Marais (DPO, with Postmistress's autograph--population 50)

Lyle (2 different on same card)

Manitou (DPO--population 50)

Margie (tied 1956 Christmas seal--population 100)

Matawan (DPO--population 59)

Maynard (2 different on same card)

Menahga (DPO)

Mendota (DPO)

Minnetonka (with note about Oak Terrace)

Moose Lake (2 different on same card)

Nassau (2 different on same card)

Northcote (DPO--population 35)

Northrop (before it became a branch of Fairmont)

Prosit (DPO)

Quamba (before it became a rural branch of Brook Park--population 100)

Rapidan (DPO) Shown

Redore (DPO) Shown

Regal (DPO--population 64) Shown

Richmond (2 different on same card)

Round Prairie (DPO--population 35)

Sandstone (2 different on same card)

Sauk Rapids (before it became a branch of St. Cloud)

Sawbill Landing (DPO--population 25)

Shooks (DPO--population 30)

Skime (DPO)

Smiths Mill (DPO)

Soderville (before it became a rural branch of Anoka)

Talmoon (before it became a rural branch of Deer River--population 25)

Trommald (DPO)

Twin Valley (2 different on same card)

Viola (DPO--population 80)

Waite Park (before it became a branch of St. Cloud)

Wales (DPO--population 35)

Walters (2 different on same card)

Ward Springs (DPO--population 45) Shown

Wegdahl (DPO--population 51) Shown

Westport (DPO--population 96) Shown

Willmar (DPO)

Withrow (DPO)

Wood Lake (2 different on same card)

The other MINNESOTA postmarks in the collection:
(1950 populations of 100 or less noted in parens)

Adams Afton Ah-Gwah-Ching
Aitken Akeley Albany
Albert Lea Alberta Albertville
Alden Aldrich Alexandria
Almelund Ashby Audubon
Austin Avoca Avon
Backus Badger Bagley
Barnesville Barrett Barry (74)
Battle Lake Baudette Bayport
Beardsley Beaver Creek Becker
Belgrade Bellingham Beltrami
Belview Bemidji Bena
Benedict (10) Benson Beroun
Bertha Bethel Big Lake
Bingham Lake Birchdale (20) Biwabik
Bixby (75) Blackduck Blomkest
Blue Earth Bowstring Boy River (82)
Brandon Breckenridge Bricelyn
Brimson (40) Brook Park Brooten
Browerville Browns Valley Buffalo Lake
Buhl Burnsville Branch of Savage Butterfield
Buyck (98) Byron Callaway
Campbell Canby Cannon Falls
Delavan Delft Dennison
Dent Detroit Lakes Dilworth
Donaldson Donnelly Dover
Dresbach Duluth Dundee
Eagle Bend East Grand Forks Easton
Echo Eden Valley Edgerton
Effie Eitzen Elbow Lake
Elk River Elmore Elrosa
Ely Elysian Emmons
Evan Evansville Excelsior
Eyota Fairfax Fairmont
Farmington Farwell Fergus Falls
Fertile Fifty Lakes Finlayson
Fisher Flensburg Flom (75)
Floodwood Florence Foley
Forest Lake Fort Ripley (88) Fosston
Fountain Franklin Freeport
Frontenac Frost Garden City
Garfield Garvin Geneva
Ghent Glencoe Glenville
Glenwood Glyndon Gonvick
Graceville Granada Grand Portage
Grandy Granger Granite Falls
Grasston Grove City Gully
Hackensack Hadley Halllock
Halstad Hamburg Hancock
Hanover Hanska Hardwick
Harmony Harris Hartland
Hastings Hatfield Hawley
Hayfield Hazel Run Henderson
Hendricks Hendrum Heron Lake
Hibbing Hill City Hinckley
Hoffman Hokah Holdingford
Holmes City Holyoke (75) Hopkins (95)
Houston Hugo Huntley
Hutchinson International Falls Iona
Ironton Isabella Isle
Ivanhoe Jackson Jacobson
Janesville Jasper Jeffers
Jenkins Johnson (54) Karlstad
Kasota Kelliher Kensington
Kerkhoven Kiester Kilkenny
Kimball La Crescent La Salle
Lafayette Lake Benton Lake Crystal
Lake Hubert Lake Itasca (50) Lake Wilson
Lakefield Lakeland (43) Lakeville
Lanesboro Lansing Laporte
Lastrup Le Center Lengby
Lester Prairie Lewiston Lismore
Litchfield Little Falls Littlefork
Lockhart (60) London (100) Long Prairie
Longville Lonsdale Loretto
Lowry Luverne Lynd
Mabel Madelia Madison Lake
Mahnomen Mahtomedi Branch of Saint Paul Mahtowa
Makinen Manchester Manhattan
Mankato Mantorville Maple Plain
Mapleton Marble Marietta
Marine on St. Croix Marshall Max (45)
Mayer Mazeppa McGrath
McIntosh McKinley Medford
Melby (75) Melrose Melrude
Merrifield (78) Milaca Milan
Millville Minneapolis Minneapolis 2
Minneapolis 6 Minneapolis Minneiska
Minneota Minnesota City Minnesota Lake
Montgomery Montrose Moorhead
Mora Morgan Morris
Morristown Mountain Lake Murdock
Myrtle Nashwauk Naytahwaush
Nelson Nerstrand Nevis
New Auburn New Germany New Munich
New Prague New Richland New Ulm
Nicollet Nielsville Nisswa
Norcross North Douglas Branch of Minneapolis North Redwood
Northfield Norwood Oak Island (40)
Oakland Odessa Odin
Ogema Olivia Omania
Orleans (53) Ormsby Orr
Ortonville Osage Osakis
Oslo Osseo Ostrander
Otisco (100) Ottertail Owatonna
Palisade Park Rapids Parkers Prairie
Pelican Rapids Pemberton Pencer (11)
Pequot Lakes Perley Peterson
Pierz Pillager Pine River
Pinewood (60) Pipestone Pitt (12)
Plainview Ponemah Ponsford
Porter Preston Princeton
Prinsburg Prior Lake Proctor
Prosper (65) Racine Radium (40)
Randolph Reading Reads Landing
Red Lake Falls Red Wing Redby
Redlake Redwood Falls Renville
Revere Richwood (65) Rochert
Rock Creek (100) Rockford Rockville
Rogers Rollingstone Ronneby (72)
Roosevelt Roscoe (20) Rose Creek
Rosemount Rothsay Round Lake
Rush City Rushford Rushmore
Ruthton Sabin Sacred Heart
Saint Bonifacius Saint Charles Saint Cloud
Saint Francis Saint James Saint Leo
Saint Martin Saint Michael Saint Paul Park
Saint Paul Saint Peter Saint Vincent
Salol (55) Sargeant Sartell
Sauk Center Saum (40) Sawyer
Scandia Searles Sebeka
Sedan Shafer Shakopee
Shelly Sherburn Shevlin
Side Lake Silver Creek Slayton
Solway South Haven South International
Spring Grove Spring Lake (24) Spring Park
Spring Valley Springfield Squaw Lake
Staples Starbuck Steen
Stephen Stewartville Storden
Strathcona Sturgeon Lake Sunburg
Svea (97) Swan River (30) Swanville
Swatara (100) Tamarack Tenney (62)
Tenstrike Theilman (95) Thief River Falls
Togo (7) Tower Tracy
Trail Trosky Twig (100)
Twin Lakes Two Harbors Tyler
Ulen Underwood Upsala
Utica Vergas Vermillion
Verndale Vernon Center Vesta
Victoria Viking Villard
Virginia Wabasso Wadena
Walnut Grove Waltham Wanamingo
Wanda Warren Warroad
Waseca Watertown Waterville
Watkins Waverly Wawina
Wayzata Welch (70) Welcome
Wells Wendell West Union (100)
Westbrook Wheaton Whipholt (100)
White Earth Wilder Willernie
Williams Wilmont Wilton
Winger Winnebago Winona
Winsted Winthrop Wolf Lake
Wolverton Worthington Wrenshall
Wright Wykoff

WyomingMinnesota_Wyoming.jpg (25299 bytes)

ZimMinnesota_Zim.jpg (25850 bytes)

Zumbro Falls Zumbrota

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Minnesota_Duluth_TugsBreaking-200_small.JPG Minnesota covert available from Judnick.com"Tugs Breaking Ice for Steamer Ireland Going to Winter Quarters, Duluth, Minn." color post card mailed to Mankato Minnesota 1907 (nice flag cancel receiving mark DEC 21 1907 ties 1-c Franklin stamp), published V. O. Hammon (No. 644), tiny upper corner crease, all corners worn, small light stain along lower left front edge. The Steel Steamer Ireland was registered to the Gilchrist Transportation Company in Cleveland; the names Gilchrist & Ireland are plainly visible on the bow. Not easy to find -- the best American ship postcard collection we ever saw did not have it. $8.00 m(d)s(l)s(g)-mf

1911 Civic Celebration postcard with color view of Minnehaha Falls. advertising postcard franked by 1-c Franklin with Minneapolis MINN precancel (letters imperfectly formed), typed message in blue advertises "THE GREATEST PRESERVATIVE PAINT / EVER PRODUCED / ... / MAIRE PAINT CO.", corner crease, bottom back edge toned, corner wear & rounding. $10.00 m-a

Cover_USPostageDue_HermanMinnesota.jpg (304444 bytes)OCT 15 1923 Morris Minn. cancel on 2-c Harding (corner gone before mailing) franking #11 cover to Herman Minnesota, violet 'POSTAGE DUE ____ CENTS' filled in 2 by hand, bold black HERMAN, / MINN. in rectangle cancels 2-c postage due affixed, raster hole in corner card area, vertical crease & crinkling at short end away from stamps. $8.00 um

MAY 24 1927 violet double-ring Rochester General Delivery receiving mark (75% there) on postcard from Joplin Missouri (view is Memorial Hall there), franked by 2-c Washington from booklet, cancel ink on front, corner crease, another corner away from stamp multiply creased, as is. $2.00 m

NOV 4 1943 clear Rollingstone Minnesota hand cancel ties 1-c defense stamp to postcard announcing a meeting of the Bridgeton New Jersey Stamp Club. $1.00 m

"W0BDI" QSL card on brown paper, mailed at Minneapolis FEB 10 1948 by operator Bob Haskins, 2 corners creased. Clear & complete 'GIVE / RED CROSS / FUND' slogan cancel ties the stamp. $1.25 m

SEP 8 1949 clear Douglas Lodge handstamp (DPO) ties 1-c Washington franking postcard to Missouri, slight ink smear on back, small corner crease. Linen view is Itasca State Park. $3.75 m

"W0TKX" QSL postcard mailed there SEP 18 1950 (clear 'Remember--Only you can / PREVENT / FOREST FIRES' slogan cancel) by operator R. W. 'Bob' Schoening, minor wear at one corner. $1.25 m-m^%

"Captain Young Brings the Mail to Penasse, Northernmost U. S. Post Office" showing the skipper of the mailboat Resolute with mail bags standing near Postmistress Mrs. Fran Cole, home-made (and, hence, unique) post card fashioned skillfully from a clipping in black & white, mailed at Penasse Dec 17 1960 (clear postmark). The post office there was discontinued in 1969. $10.00 m(p)pg-m

June 1968 American Philatelist: Pitcairn Islands--Source Notes on Designs; Indian Uprisings in Minnesota--A Letter from Winnebago; US Freaks 'n' Oddities--Rotary Press 'Double Papers'; & much more. $3.75 the complete journal. ampu

Wanted to buy--interesting postal history items from Duluth. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

Wanted to buy--covers mailed from Farris and / or Graceland. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

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ja näidistega
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